All our birds come with a two week guarantee (excluding ducklings and chicks that are purchased on heat).

Poultry Direct (A&J Poultry) has been trading for eight years and have never sold a sick or injured bird, but If you are concerned about your birds in any way please contact us as soon as possible. We offer free help and advice to allow you to get the very best from your purchase from Poultry Direct. This guarantee does not extend to protect birds against attacks from predators, such as foxes, dogs etc. or any that escape from their new home.

We have an excellent reputation for the quality of our birds from our previous customers, but we cannot guarantee them for longer as we have no control over the conditions they are kept in once they have left us, or any stresses they may have been exposed to. We cannot accept responsibility for any additional expense incurred and we cannot accept responsibility for any illness or loss of birds caused by a virus or disease transmitted by wild birds or members of your existing flock, neither can we accept loss caused by poor husbandry or neglect.

Two weeks is the recommended time for you to assess your new bird’s well-being. This time frame gives you the opportunity to observe their behaviour and if you are new to keeping poultry become familiar with what their normal behaviour is. If you are concerned in any way, please contact Andy in the first instance as I have been keeping poultry in excess of fourty years and can usually help without the expense of seeking veterinary assistance.